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*** Sign up for classes, NOW! New classes being May 4 at RPCS, May 14 at Pet Depot***

TIME CHANGE for PUPPY PRESCHOOL and BEYOND BASIC - now at 9:00 a.m., starting May 11

**** Weather cancellations can be found on our Facebook page, after 8:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings, for RPCS classes. ****

Puppy Preschool is held at *9:00* a.m. almost every Saturday at RPCS, weather permitting, holidays and selected weeks off (please see detail below).

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We currently offer group classes in Baltimore, at Roland Park Country School on Saturday mornings, and at Pet Depot (an independent pet supply store - on Monday and Tuesday evenings and Thursday mornings. Puppy Preschool, Beyond Basic, are held at 8:45 (held year round with time changes) and Basic Manners meets at 9:45 a.m. on Saturdays at Roland Park Country School (May-November, only).
Please see detail below for registration requirements. Our next Basic Manners start date at RPCS is May 4 , 2019 (request application via email). NEW Pet Depot session starts May 14, and then are off for the summer and start again in September! ****************************************************

We have 3 instructors available for in-home behavior consultations and private training. Janet, Stephanie and Sarah are able to offer a variety of scheduling options to suit your time frame. See information below for what areas each trainer covers, as well as availability!


Our Puppy Preschool Program
Puppy Preschool is for puppies as young as 8 weeks of age up to 4 months (puppies currently in Puppy Preschool may continue until the age of 6 months) . Classes are held on an on-going basis - you can start any week!

A registration fee of $125 covers a renewable 5-week drop-in attendance.

Puppy Preschool stresses socialization and problem prevention. We will introduce basic commands (SIT, DOWN, COME, as well as other skills) and help you learn how to communicate with your puppy!
We introduce puppy-appropriate agility equipment to help your puppy gain confidence, learn physical and behavioral skills, and give them some mental exercise along with the physical!

Since a portion of our class involves free play and close contact with the other puppies, we require that all vaccinations be on schedule for the puppy's age. Please bring a copy of your veterinary record that we can keep on file. Please do NOT bring a "flexi" (retracting) leash!

This class is a lot of fun and starts the family off on the right "paw"!

Register with your puppy at Roland Park Country School 5204 Roland Ave Baltimore (playgrounds - outdoor!), [almost] any Saturday morning at 8:45 a.m.

No pre-registration. Each class is 45 minutes to 1 hour. Cash or check only, no credit cards. PLEASE READ OUR WEATHER POLICY! There is no space limit for this class - always room for one more!

Our Basic Manners Classes
Basic Manners classes are for dogs at least 5 months of age (no upper age limit!) and are scheduled in 7-8 week sessions year round on Saturdays, Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays.

New classes may fill months in advance. Spaces fill on a first come-first served basis. Registration for RPCS is via e-mail/snail mail and in person on the day of class (space permitting). Pet Depot classes require in-person registration at the store. RPCS classes run from May-November. Pet Depot classes run from September-May.

A $140 registration fee includes
the full 7 weeks of 1 hour classes for RPCS (outdoors), and at Pet Depot (indoors)

No dogs attend Week One.

Basic Manners will teach you to teach your dog: SIT, DOWN, STAY, HEEL, COME

Each exercise will be strengthened with increased challenges each week, such as: changes of pace while Heeling; increased distances for Come and Stay; and extension of time for Stays.

We will also introduce some real-life temptations to help your dog learn to listen to you while distracted.

This class also includes solutions for common problems such as jumping, barking, digging, and chewing. Contact Janet

We offer "Beyond Basic" sessions to our former BASIC MANNERS students on a pay-as-you-go basis. Beyond Basic will automatically be canceled for rain, snow, temperature below FREEZING or other weather conditions that may impede outdoor work. Fee is $10 per week. Please contact Contact Stephanie

about these classes.
Beyond Basic classes are $10 per class for drop-in students. Please remember that class will be automatically canceled for:
-active rain or accumulated snow at 8am
-temperatures of 32F or below at 8am.
There is no minimum class requirement, just come when you want! I am happy to answer any questions, just email Contact Stephanie

(this email is for BEYOND BASIC ONLY)

Contact Janet for an application for RPCS Basic Manners. Visit Pet Depot for registration for classes at that location.

Saturdays - Roland Park Country School
(outdoors, 10:00 a.m.)
Mondays - Pet Depot (6:00 and 7:00 p.m.)

Tuesdays - Pet Depot (7:00 p.m.)
5/14/2019 *** 6:30 p.m. ***

Thursdays - Pet Depot (11:00 a.m.)

TUESDAYS (6:00 p.m.)

THURSDAYS (12:00 p.m.)

Private Behavior Counseling and Training
We also offer private training and behavior consultations in your home.
The fee for in home training is $150 per hour for Janet Boss, $100 per hour for other instructors, with the initial session generally running 1.5 hours. A travel fee may be charged outside a counselor's area.

Contact Janet for Puppy Preschool and Basic Manners registration questions or concerns, and Private Behavior Counseling and Training.
Janet lives in Baltimore and teaches the Pet Depot daytime Basic Manners sessions. Janet offers in-home behavior counseling in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, Dorchester and Talbot counties, as well as Baltimore City. Janet is available during weekday daytimes only, between 10-3.
Contact Stephanie for information on Beyond Basic, and Private Behavior Counseling and Training.
Stephanie instructs Monday and Saturday Basic Manners classes as well as Beyond Basic, and offers in-home counseling on a scheduled basis.

Contact Sarah for Private Behavior Counseling and Training.
Sarah instructs Tuesday Basic Manners classes as well as Puppy Preschool, and offers in-home counseling on a scheduled basis.

Stephanie and Sarah both cover Baltimore City and County, and are available on a more limited, but flexible schedule. Please contact Janet for primary availability.

When Contacting a trainer about Private Behavior Counseling and Training in your home, please specify your available days and hours, your location, and the nature of any problems your dog may be having.

NOTE: If the weather makes class unsafe for dogs or people, class will not be held.

Our RPCS classes are OUTDOORS! Temperature over 90 degrees or BELOW 32 degrees at the time of class, rain, or any snow policy in effect, will cause us to cancel class (please note that there may be exceptions). We will reschedule any canceled classes to ensure that we complete the full 7 week BASIC Manners course.

Please check the top of this website for weather cancellations, as early as 9:00 a.m. for Saturday classes.

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City, State or Zipcode:

WHO is Best Friends?

Janet Boss began her dog training involvement in 1974. Adopting a "second hand" dog with some behavior issues, she enrolled in an obedience class and still thinks of Charlie (the dog!) as one of her most valuable teachers. Nothing like living with (and through) a challenging dog to encourage one to have the skill-set to deal with them! Charlie was in Janet's life for 15.5 years, so he had a huge influence on every dog Janet has ever been involved with. Besides instructing obedience classes, she also served on the Board of Directors of the MD SPCA for 10 years, and is the former chair of the Vicious Dog Hearing Board for Baltimore City, as well as served as Intake Coordinator and evaluator for Goldheart Golden Retriever Rescue ( She currently serves as Rescue co-chair for the Flatcoated Retriever Society of America. Her goal is to keep all dogs in permanent homes. She currently owns 2 dogs - Banner, a Flatcoated Retriever (he's LIVER colored!) who is learning obedience and field work, and Patty, a Golden Retriever puppy who is learning everything! Janet lives in Baltimore and teaches the daytime Basic Manners and Advanced Basic classes at Pet Depot, and focuses on in-home behavior counseling in Baltimore, Anne Arundel, Howard, Dorchester and Talbot counties, as well as Baltimore City. Janet is mostly available during weekday daytimes, with very limited evening and weekend time and day availability. Janet is a member of IACP - International Association of Canine Professionals (   Contact Janet

Stephanie Libonati Stephanie came to us as a student, and caught the training bug! She currently runs a dog-walking business, and teaches evening Pet Depot classes, runs Basic and Beyond Basic at RPCS, and is "mom" to Pitbull mix SHADOW, and a cat named Felix.   Contact Stephanie

Sarah Fedder Sarah fell in love with a little puppy she named Chloe, and the rest is history! Starting as a puppy preschool student, Sarah continued with classes and became an assistant, sub, and primary teacher for both Puppy Preschool and Basic Manners classes. She currently competes in flyball with Chloe, a Cocker Spaniel/Poodle mix, and is training her Flatcoated Retriever/Irish Water Spaniel mix, Hadley, for flyball, as well as other fun dog sports. .   Contact Sarah

Meredith Beach Meredith assists and sub teaches Puppy Preschool and Basic Manners, and currently has a Scottie named Duffy and a Pitbull mix named Max. Meredith has a professional career in animal welfare.  

Laura Pedroso Laura assists Puppy Preschool and Basic Manners, and currently has a Doberman, along with cats. Laura came to us after being a student, as well!  

Valerie Severe Valerie assists Basic Manners at Pet Depot, and currently has a 2 St Bernard mixes, along with cats. Valerie spends her days working with elephants, at the MD Zoo.  

Lorrie Krebs Lorrie founded BFDO along with Janet, way back in the early 90's. Lorrie splits her life between Columbia, MD and Berkeley Springs, WV, and has retired from the Baltimore area classes and private training.  

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